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Panda-monium! Baby pandas wage epic — and adorable — battle over basket of leaves

/ Source: TODAY

You've got to pick your battles in life, and these young panda already know what's worth fighting for — a basket full of leaves.

Sure, it might look like nothing more than yard waste and wicker to the rest of us, but the cubs featured in the now-viral clip from China Central Television News see something of value there.

So valuable, in fact, one of them even tried to bite a zookeeper at the Sichuan province breeding facility when she attempted to hold them back.

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And the freshly gathered leaves weren't just worth wrestling the beleaguered keeper over — these small "giant" pandas eventually turned on each other in their quest for the prize.


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As for the result, it ended in a defeat for the keeper, a tie for the pandas and a clear win for any who watches the adorable battle.

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