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Owner's Christmas carol singing is a howling disaster for his dog

Norman's owners love their bullmastiff very much.

But the reciprocal love Norman has for at least one of his masters gets severely tested in a YouTube video, in which one of those owners, Curt Kendall, gleefully sings "The Twelve Days of Christmas" in a high falsetto that really, really gets on Norman's nerves. 

Admittedly, says the Indiana-based Kendall (who parents Norman with his partner Jason Kasal), Norman's reaction isn't hugely surprising.

"He's kind of a curmudgeon," Kendall told "He's a sweet dog but a little grumpy. He doesn't like clapping or cheering or loud laughing or singing or dancing. That’s just not his thing."

But when Kasal was traveling, he wanted to know how Norman was doing, so Kendall created the hilarious video in which he purposefully sang poorly to get a reaction from the big lug. 

The video has received over 2.4 million views on Facebook, where it was originally posted, and Norman got a cheeseburger after it broke the 1 million mark.

He deserves it: Through all of the aural torment, Norman shows incredible loyalty by never leaving his master's side! He just does everything else he can think of to stop the caterwauling.

But there's been one downside to the popularity the video has received, at least for Kendall. He says, "My mom said last night that Norman's an internet sensation, and the world thinks my son sings like an old British lady."

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