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Orphaned polar bear cub Kali gets a playmate 

Kelly Brown, Registrar / Today
Kali and Luna play in their exhibit space at the Buffalo Zoo.

We’ve kept tabs on orphaned polar bear Kali since he was just a few weeks old, passing out in the snow and sticking out his tongue to the amusement of Alaska Zoo visitors.

But now, the 5-month-old polar bear is growing up. Not only does he have a new home at the Buffalo Zoo, but he’s gained an exhibit mate and friend as well: 6-month-old cub Luna. While we lament the loss of Kali’s old best friend, an adorable stuffed teddy bear, we’re pleased to report that the two cubs have formed a fast friendship.

"The cubs are getting along great!" zoo spokesperson Rachel Gottlieb told

Kelly Brown, Registrar / Today
Kali is growing quickly these days.

Kali was rescued last March by hunters in Alaska, and brought to the Anchorage-based zoo until a permanent space for him could be found elsewhere. On May 15, the cub arrived at the Buffalo Zoo, where he spent a couple of weeks getting to know his new territory before being put on display with Luna.

Kelly Brown, Registrar / Today
Luna relaxes in her exhibit.

"The first day was a little nerve-racking for everybody, but now they're playing," a zookeeper said on NBC's Nightly News.

Kali hanging out in his former exhibit at the Alaska Zoo.

Best of luck to Kali and his newfound friend!