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Orphaned baby kangaroo hops into police officer's shirt — a perfect pouch substitute

/ Source: TODAY

An orphaned joey has found a loving, warm place to snuggle up — and while it may not be a real kangaroo pouch, it's pretty close.

Video posted on Facebook by the Western Australia Police shows the little guy hopping his way into a police officer's T-shirt. Luckily, this man doesn't seem to mind one bit; in fact, he welcomes the joey with a smile and appears amused.

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The baby kangaroo's mother was reportedly hit and killed by a truck. On Wednesday morning, at just 4 months old, it was found by cops in Cue, a small town northeast of Perth.

Constable Scott Mason explained to Perth Now that he's just become a father himself.

"Because it needs to be fed every three hours, it's going to be my little child basically, as my wife's in Perth with our newborn," Mason toldthe paper.

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We're glad this little guy has so many kindhearted people looking after him.