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Watch this orangutan kiss pregnant woman's belly through glass

/ Source: TODAY

Looks like even a great ape can sense when a woman is expecting.

In a video uploaded to YouTube earlier this month, an expectant couple visited Colchester Zoo in England on July 13th and captured the attention of Rajang, an orangutan. The 37-week pregnant woman was startled to see that not only was the ape was fixated on her belly, he also wanted to give it some love — and so he went right ahead and did just that.

Much to the delight of the mother-to-be, he began trying to kiss her belly through the glass.

As for her partner? "I put my belly too [sic] the glass and got a dirty look," he writes in the video's caption.

We can't help but think this ape instinctively knew exactly what he was doing — and that there was a little magic involved in this situation.