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Optical illusion or camouflage canine? See if you can spot the hidden pooch on this rug

When this British family walks across the rug in their living room, they have to make sure they watch where they step.

A few months ago, Deb Lythgoe, 34, and Pete Chisnall, 37, bought a slate gray rug for their home when they realized they had a problem: It was the same color and texture as their poodle, Stanley.

Mercury News via Caters News Agency
A British family noticed something odd when they bought a new rug for their living room.

The next thing they knew, their five children were tripping all over the camouflaged canine as he nestled on his favorite spot in the house.

"We didn't notice that he blended in until we took a photo,'' Lythgoe, who lives in Greater Manchester, told TODAY. "Even though the children kept falling over him, it didn't really click."

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The couple's five children, Kayleigh, 14, Ryan, 11, Ava, 8, Aeryn, 1, and Joseph, 6 months, can't seem to avoid Stanley.

Mercury News via Caters News Agency
Stanley the poodle has the children of the house tripping over him all the time because he seamlessly blends into the rug in the front room. Here is he is in stealth mode next to 6-month-old Joseph.

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Luckily no one has had any serious falls, other than a few small tumbles.

Lythgoe compared it to the "cigar in the brick wall" optical illusion that captivated the internet in May.

Laura Shephard / Mercury News via Caters News Agency
Stanley is a lot easier to see once he's off his favorite rug.

And since it's the 7-year-old pup's favorite rug, it won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

"The children still trip over him all the time,'' Lythgoe said.

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Mercury News via Caters News Agency
The camouflage canine blends into the rug as Aeryn, 1, and Joseph, 6 months, play beside him.