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Not a football fan? Watch puppies, kittens and fish duke it out in animal bowls

Perhaps football isn't your thing, or maybe you will find yourself needing a quick distraction as your team struggles to get ahead. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of adorable options to make you say "awwww" on Super Bowl Sunday.

TV has scheduled a hefty dose of animal bowls to compete with the big game, so if you would rather watch puppies scramble for the ball than the Broncos’ offense, tune in to one of the events below. These teams are awfully cute to watch regardless of the scoreboard.  

"Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge," NBC, 5 p.m EST
Watch dogs jump into swimming pools, sprint a 40-yard dash and compete in various other Olympic-style events during the "16th Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge."

"Puppy Bowl X," Animal Planet, 3 p.m. EST
The "Puppy Bowl" returns for its 10th consecutive year this Sunday with an adorable cast of puppies ready to tackle their way to victory (or to snack time). The party gets started at 3 p.m. EST, so you can get a full dose of puppy love in before the big game. 

"Kitten Bowl," Hallmark Channel, 12 p.m. EST
The Hallmark Channel is putting on its first ever "Kitten Bowl" with host Beth Stern, who promises it will be full of cat naps, cat fights and other fun antics. "It's a little breather from the big game," she told Hoda and Kathie Lee earlier this week.

"Fish Bowl," Nat Geo WILD, 6 p.m. EST
If the situation gets too tense during the Super Bowl showdown, flip to NatGeo WILD for the "Fish Bowl," where it's sure to be much more calm. The event features Goldie the goldfish swimming in a fish bowl for four hours. And if you miss it the 6 p.m. showing, the "Fish Bowl" airs again at 10.