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By Scott Stump
'Norman the Scooter Dog' propels himself on a scooter in an attempt to break a Guinness World Records for distance and speed by a dog on a scooter at a charity event in Marietta, Ga., on Friday. ERIK S. LESSER / Today

When you put his four legs on two wheels, Norman the Scooter Dog is one of the fastest dogs on the planet.

On Friday, the 3-year-old French sheepdog made his attempt at setting the Guinness World Record to become the fastest dog on a scooter when he traveled 100 feet in just over 20 seconds at a charity event in Marietta, Ga.

Norman covered 100 feet in just over 20 seconds to unofficially set a world record that will have to be verified by Guinness. ERIK S. LESSER / Today

In preparation, the 70-pound dog and his owner, Karen Cobb, trained to cover 30 meters (approximately 98 feet) in 30 seconds. Norman surpassed that mark by two feet in nearly 10 fewer seconds, and the record will now have to be officially verified by Guinness.

This is only the latest exploit for Norman, whose official website says he was contacted by Guinness to be the first to set the "fastest 30m on scooter by a dog" record.

The dog is able to balance himself with his two front paws on the scooter handle, one back paw on the scooter, and his other hind paw pushing him forward. His attempt to set this record was part of an event to benefit Road Trip Home, which works to save animals from high-kill shelters.

Owner Karen Cobb worked with Norman leading up to the event with a goal of covering 30 meters, or 98 feet, in 30 seconds to go for the record. ERIK S. LESSER / Today

Norman has appeared on Cartoon Network and The Late Show with David Letterman and can also ride a bike with training wheels and a skateboard.

Norman, who has appeared on Cartoon Network and The Late Show with David Letterman, also is able to ride a bike (above) and a skateboard. ERIK S. LESSER / Today