See this couple's newborn photo shoot — with their dog


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By Emily Wickwire

While dog owners can be known for their undying love for their four-legged friends, their affection isn't typically the type that calls for professional photographs — until now. / Today

Photographer Jamie Clauss, owner of Count It Joy Photography in Huntsville, Alabama, had just finished photographing a newborn baby when Jan Renegar, her neighbor and best friend, came over and spotted the pictures.

"She saw them and thought they were beautiful. She said it made her wish she had a newborn baby to do that with," Clauss told Jan jokingly suggested they use her 6-year-old Jack Russell terrier, Snuggles, for some pictures.

But that joke soon became reality as Snuggles joined Jan and her husband, Chase, in a professional photo shoot typically reserved for newborns. 

"We were like, 'All right, let's do this," Clauss said.

Clauss photographed the couple in a number of stereotypical newborn poses, including holding their swaddled bundle of joy in their arms and posing with her tiny paws between their feet. / Today

"It was very hard to keep my composure and not wake Snuggles up," Clauss said of the cuddly canine star, who was a cooperative model as she slept for most of the shoot. "She was so comfortable and snoring and I'm standing over her on the bed and trying not to laugh out loud and wake her up."

While Clauss certainly seems to be a knack for capturing adorable pooch pics, she says this kind of photo session may be a one time deal. 

"I'm certainly not looking to get into that market," Clauss said. "But I mean, if they paid me enough." / Today