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National Zoo's panda cub takes her first few groggy steps

The National Zoo's giant panda cub struggling to walk.

The National Zoo's giant panda cub is officially in the throes of toddlerdom: She took her first few insecure steps over the weekend! 

The nearly 3-month-old cub, who now weighs in at 10.34 pounds, got up on her hind legs and stumbled around a bit before sitting back down, according to an update posted by the zoo on Tuesday. As the cub becomes more mobile, her mother, Mei Xiang, has started taking her further away from the den on short adventures to other indoor enclosures. 

"On Saturday she took the cub out of the den and put her on the floor of the larger indoor enclosure while she got a drink," keepers said in the post. 

Sunday turned out to be a big day for the cub as well: She managed to make her way to the doorway of her den, where she attempted to go further but tired herself out in the process. That's when she decided to do the next best thing — take a nap in the doorway. 

In case you haven't been obsessively watching the pandacam, the zoo released a video of the cub's first steps on Tuesday. While she mostly just jiggles around on the floor, it's still a worthy (read: adorable) walking attempt.

The panda cub was born at the zoo on August 23. You can still help give her a moniker by voting in the National Zoo's naming contest, which ends on Nov. 22.