Napping, packing on the pounds: How China's 2-month-old 'miracle' panda triplets spend their days

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By Scott Stump

The world's only surviving panda triplets turned two months old on Monday, meaning they are out of the danger zone for newborn cubs and getting bigger and cuter by the day. 

NBC News' Ian Williams was able to get up an up-close look at the trio as they celebrated the early milestone. More facts about the triplets:

  • Their weight is increasing by a third every week: They are being fed two or three times per day with a special panda formula depending on their appetite. They each currently weigh just under eight pounds. "Their body condition is very good," Qiu Ren'an, the panda's keeper, told Williams. 

  • They didn't open their eyes for the first time until 10 days ago: Their hearing is still developing and will improve over the next two to three months. 

  • Mom can only handle one at a time: The cubs' mother, Ju Xiao, who turned 12 years old on Sunday, struggles to take care of more than one cub at a time so the babies are rotated every five days. The mother and all the cubs are monitored 24 hours a day by the zoo's staff. 

  • They love to nap: Like any panda, young or old, the cubs love taking a nice nap after eating. 

  • They are still waiting to be named: A worldwide competition open to the public to name the pandas (two boys and a girl) has already received more than a million entries.
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