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Music magic! Watch sea otters play the keyboard in amusing video

It looks like Beethoven may have some competition: a group of otters.

The Smithsonian’s National Zoo posted a video today of Asian small-clawed otters tinkling the ivories on a keyboard. While they may not be headed for Carnegie Hall anytime soon, the aquatic mammals seemed to have a a good time pounding the keys. 

The video was originally taken in March as a way to keep the animals entertained indoors.

“It was one of those very cold days that we had in Washington D.C., so the keepers set up a few different activities to keep them entertained,” Devin Murphy, a spokeswoman for the zoo, told “They seemed to enjoy it.”

The activity was one of many designed to engage the animals’ sight, hearing and touch senses. While the video is of their first time playing the keyboard, Murphy said that they have had the chance to practice their skills a bit more since the video was originally recorded.

“They obviously don’t play with the keyboard every day,” Murphy said, “but once or twice a month.”

Unfortunately, these tunes are only created in the zoo’s private animal enclosures, so for now, the music will stay behind closed doors.