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Munchkin the Shih Tzu goes for a sleigh ride in teddy bear costume

When it comes to looking adorable in a teddy bear costume, Munchkin the Shih Tzu can’t stop and won’t stop.

Cindy Roth's celebrated pup took the Internet by storm on Halloween when Munchkin appeared in the costume for the first time. After the initial YouTube video collected almost 3 million hits, Munchkin returned in the fuzzy get-up to go for a stroll on a treadmill in November, perhaps to work off all those Thanksgiving calories.

In a new video posted Sunday, Munchkin's back to celebrate the winter holidays, spreading seasonal cheer with a 10-second, slow-motion sleigh ride.

Much like her previous on-camera work, Munchkin’s latest oeuvre is short but sweet. If there’s a best part, it may be her puzzled reaction to the sudden end to her sleigh ride. Maybe next time she will take that sleigh off a jump or two.

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