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The Mountain from 'Game of Thrones' works out with this tiny Pomeranian

Hafor Julius Bjornsson, who plays Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane on "Game of Thrones," works out with a tiny Pomeranian named Asterix.
/ Source: TODAY

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, who plays The Mountain on HBO's "Game of Thrones," probably has a cuter (and smaller) workout partner than you — a tiny 14-week-old Pomeranian. And he's not afraid to show it.

The 27-year-old Icelandic strongman and actor, whose 395 pound 6'9" stature has earned him the nickname "Thor," is perhaps best known for the brute force he inflicts throughout the fantasy world of Westeros — whether it's as Gregor Clegane or the silent "Ser Robert Strong."

Last month, he shared the strict diet regimen he's been following to prepare for the World's Strongest Man 2016 contest, but that's not the only factor helping him reach his goal.

Don't let the size of those biceps fool you — the IRL Thor has a soft side. Rather than opting for a larger canine companion (direwolf, anyone?), he instead has a teeny tiny exercise companion, Asterix (who may actually be the size of one of Björnsson's biceps).

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The duo can be seen in some post workout shots on Björnsson's Instagram profile, and it looks like Asterix may be giving him a run for his money, despite his much, much shorter legs.

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Fortunately for them, the workout partnership seems to be going just fine, no matter the dramatic size difference. "We are both exhausted after our morning workout this morning!!" wrote Björnsson in one caption. "God it's hard to keep up with@asterix_astrikur !!!"

He even calls the perfectly coiffed pup his "lion" because Asterix doesn't play around when it's time for the daily gym grind, and for that, Björnsson has much to be grateful for. "The most cardio I've done in years!!#TimeForPizza #Asterix&Obelix," wrote Björnsson in another post, referring to the French comic series for which the Pomeranian is named.

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While the adorable ball of fluff may not be stampeding around Westeros every Sunday night, you can keep up with Asterix on his own Instagram account (because he's a star in his own right — no matter how small).

Let's all thank Björnsson for proving that friends come in all shapes and sizes.