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The most popular Halloween costumes for pets, from 'Star Wars' to minions

TODAY has the ultimate list of trendy Halloween costumes for pets. And they're not just for cats and dogs!
/ Source: TODAY

If your beloved pet is snuggling with you while you read this, you might want to distract them away from the screen. Our furry friends tend to be, well, a bit less enthusiastic about their Halloween costumes than we are.

And this is shaping up to be a very big year for pet costumes: Everything from minions to wild animals and superheroes are top choices.

“With the highly anticipated release of 'Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens,' we are anticipating classic Star Wars characters such as Darth Vader and Yoda flying off our shelves,” a “spooksperson” for Party City told

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Characters from Star Wars: The Force Awakens are popular pet costumes
Under that Darth Vader helmet is an adorable pug!Courtesy of Party City
A minion is the perfect pet costume for a big-eyed pug
A minion is the perfect pet costume for a big-eyed pug!Courtesy of Party City

“'Minions’ recently became the second biggest animated movie of all time,” added the Party City rep, who noted that the quirky pill-shaped creatures also make a great group costume for the whole family.

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Data collected by Amazon confirms that Star Wars characters and minions are indeed among the top-trending themes for pet costumes. An Amazon spokesperson provided TODAY with its top sellers.


Dogs can blend into Jurassic World with these dinosaur halloween pet costumes
The cutest velociraptor ever!Courtesy of Amazon
Cecil The Lion May Be Inspiring Consumers to buy Lion Halloween Costumes For Their Dog
Ruff! I mean, Roar! Courtesy of Amazon

Data pulled from eBay shows quite a different set of themes. Kari Ramirez, communications manager at eBay, told TODAY that this data was pulled over the past two weeks from what the platform’s 157 million active buyers are selecting. This list includes more options for cats than for dogs.

Dogs dressed up as Superman is a halloween costume favorite
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a Pomeranian!Courtesy of eBay
Halloween costumes for cats are popular. This business tie option is a simple but effective choice.
Meow. Just another day at the office.Courtesy of eBay

Christine Schirmer, consumer communications for Pinterest, reveals another set of trends entirely. Here are the top trending pet costume-related pins on the social platform. Some of these are especially great ideas if your child wants to participate in the theme.

"Halloween Costume Pins are up 260 percent since July 1 with DIY pet costumes taking an early lead," said Schirmer. Of pet costumes pinned on Pinterest, 55 percent are dog costumes compared to 45 percent cat costumes.

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And there are some “classic” pet costumes that are popular every year.

“Like the human trends in costume, the traditional pumpkin, spider, [and] hot dog [costumes] always sell,” Reina vanDelft, vice president and divisional merchandise manager at Pet Supplies Plus, told

And while the best-selling costumes are for dogs and cats, there are plenty of options out there for pets like guinea pigs, and even fish and lizards! Eran Cohen, chief customer experience officer at PetSmart, told TODAY that the pet retailer has carried a Halloween-themed fish aquarium for about three years, to increasing consumer interest.

Small pets like guinea pigs can celebrate Halloween too with fun, cute costumes
Don't forget to include the little critters!Courtesy of PetSmart
Hang decorative halloween costumes over your fish or lizard aquarium.
Creep out your fish tank with this spider decoration. / Courtesy of PetSmart
Spooky Halloween decorations and ornaments for inside the fish tank
A whole new meaning to 'sleeping with the fishes.' Courtesy of PetSmart

“We've also seen great interest in some of our merchandising partnerships, including Disney's "Frozen" characters and Marvel superheroes, as well as the desire to bring pets some of the most popular treats that pet parents enjoy, such as pumpkin-spice flavors and candy corn, which we fulfill with ‘pup-kin’ spice latte treats and candy corn toys,” said Cohen.

Halloween-themed treats and toys can be a great way to include pets in on the fun if costumes just aren’t for them, or if they’re not up for celebrating in a crowd.

“Halloween is sometimes too spooky for our furry babies,” said VanDelft. “What a great way to have them be a part of the fun by giving them a toy or treat to pass the time [while you’re out trick-or-treating].”

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Whether your pet is staying in or joining you for a night on the ghoulish town, please remember to take pet safety into consideration.

Trupanion veterinarian Denise Petryk gave the following tips:

  • Costumes aren’t for every pet. But if you do plan on dressing up Fido, make sure your pet's costume is comfortable, non-restricting and doesn't have any loose pieces they might try to swallow.
  • Don't give pets human treats. Many pet owners know that dogs shouldn't eat chocolate, but year after year Trupanion sees a 71 percent increase in chocolate toxicity during Halloween compared to the previous six months of the year. Consider scouting out goodies such as homemade pumpkin treats.
  • Keep smaller, chewable items away from pets. Although they don't look edible, lights, cords, paper decorations, fake spider webs, maize, candy wrappers and other fall décor can be tempting and dangerous if consumed.
  • Keep your pet's identification on them at all times. A startled pet could dart out the door when the doorbell rings with trick-or-treaters.

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