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Is this the most beautiful cat in the world? See why the Internet thinks so

/ Source: TODAY

Cat lover or not, you can't deny the striking, envy-inducing, almost impossible beauty of Coby the cat.

But the truth is, with his almost 300,000 Instagram followers, your opinion — whatever it may be — is pretty much irrelevant to this gorgeous British shorthair.

Coby has bright blue eyes that give Photoshop a run for its money, an ease in front of the camera that would put Tyra to shame, and a too-perfect, cartoon-like face that makes him look like something out of "The Aristocats."

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Since he first hit Instagram just eight months ago, the feline has garnered a hefty fan base, joining the ranks of other four-legged social media stars like Pearl the pig and Paddington the dog. And we can see why. What other cat could pull off a pirate costume with such poise?

Coby is so pretty, in fact, that we'd be inclined to think he was a stuffed animal if it weren't for the videos peppered throughout the too-perfect photos on his Instagram account.