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Mimi the hedgehog can unlock an iPhone with her paw

Tired of constantly unlocking your iPhone? A hedgehog may be able to help.
/ Source: TODAY

This is how far we’ve come with technology: We can now get hedgehogs to unlock our smartphones for us.

But how? Let an Instagram user show you the way.

Check out this video posted on the account @hedgehog_sashimi. A hedgehog, which goes by the name Mimi, is gently lifted onto an iPhone, and her paw is placed on the device. The iPhone responds as if the paw is a fingerprint and unlocks — all thanks to the adorable little creature!

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The video goes on to explain how you can set up your own iPhone so that a hedgehog can unlock it. That is, if you know of a hedgehog you can ask.

Mimi doesn’t just handle tech requests. She also eats watermelon, wears very small winter caps, and chills out on the grass.

But we think the iPhone trick is Mimi's most impressive act!

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