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Meteorologist's dog steals spotlight, adorably interrupts the weather report

Watch out, folks! According to this forecast, it looks ruff out there — and pretty cute, too.
/ Source: TODAY

Viewers who tuned into Global News Toronto last Friday to check out the weekend weather report learned that Saturday would be dry in the daytime, rainy in the evening and absolutely cute and fluffy all day long.

That’s because meteorologist Anthony Farnell wasn’t the only one standing in front of the green screen to deliver the forecast. He had his buddy, Storm the weather dog, right by his side.

In a now-viral clip Global News shared to YouTube, Storm, a mini goldendoodle, can be seen darting in and out of the shot, pausing from time to time to eat a treat near the weather map.

“Yes, Storm is in the building, getting some treats, walking on thin air,” Farnell says off screen as his pooch steals the spotlight.

Viewers didn't seem too bothered by Storm and even praised the dog, despite his unexpected behavior.

"What a good boy. He doesn’t really interrupt him, just watches his owner and checks out the scene," one person wrote.

"What a cutie. And so well mannered! My dog would be whining and huffing and puffing for more treats," another reacted.

"It is the dog days of August afterall," someone else pointed out.

Sharing focus with Storm is nothing new for Farnell — and viral fame is nothing new for Storm, as Farnell explained when he chatted with Pawsh Magazine back in 2019.

“I had already brought my new little puppy into work once and believe it or not the Global News viewers helped me find the name Storm thanks to an online poll,” he explained. “That was cute but what happened the following month is what really made him a ‘GLOBAL’ sensation.”

It was in 2012 that Storm make his first unplanned appearance on the evening news.

“I was working on my weather maps and I assumed Storm was under my desk,” Farnell continued. “A couple minutes later I glanced up to the TV monitor in front of me and there was Storm, popping his head up from under the News Desk right beside the anchor during our live broadcast."

Now, Storm sightings aren’t rare for viewers, as the caption in his latest viral clip hints with the line, “You can watch Anthony, Storm and the rest of the Global Toronto team weekdays at 5:30 and 6:00 eastern time.”