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Megyn Kelly's dog Basha has died: 'I had 14 beautiful years with her'

The Megyn Kelly TODAY host shared the news Friday afternoon on Twitter.
/ Source: TODAY

Megyn Kelly's beloved dog Basha has died. The Megyn Kelly TODAY host shared the sad news Friday afternoon on Twitter.

"Our dog Basha died today. I had 14 beautiful years with her. I am so terribly sad, but also so grateful for the love this little creature brought into my life," she wrote next to a photo of her late pet.

Megyn Kelly TODAY fans fell in love with Basha when she appeared on the show in June in honor of Take Your Dog to Work Day. The adorable pooch co-starred alongside other dogs in a segment about summertime pet safety.

But it wasn't all just work, work, work for Megyn and the cute canine. Basha also enjoyed going on family vacations — although sometimes high jinks ensued.

In March, Megyn opened up to viewers about a vacation mishap that found her accidentally leaving Basha behind at a house occupied by strangers.

It all happened when Megyn, her husband, Douglas Brunt, and their kids arrived at their vacation rental home and were shocked to find another family already inside.

It didn't take long for Megyn and her family to realize they'd walked into the wrong house! They quickly exited and found the right rental — only to realize they'd left Basha behind.

“Our dog! Our dog, who had been with us. We left her — our evidence was at the first house. So we had to do the walk of shame back to the first place,” Megyn shared, embarrassed.

Back at the first house, Basha was enjoying a vacation of her own. When Megyn returned for her, she had to convince the strangers that Basha was still somewhere inside.

“The woman was like, ‘No, there’s no dog here.’ And we’re like, ‘Mmm, yes there is,’” recalled Megyn. “And there she was, madame queen, in the middle of the living room.”

Our hearts go out to Megyn and her family on their sad loss.