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Meghan and Prince Harry's 2 dogs make surprise appearance in new video

Guy and Pula are very camera-friendly pups!
/ Source: TODAY

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and Prince Harry's dogs are back in the spotlight!

In a recent video of the former Meghan Markle in a conversation with activist Gloria Steinem, the pair sit outside in socially distanced chairs and discuss women's rights and the importance of voting. About 40 seconds into the short clip — a preview of the full interview, which will be released tomorrow — her two dogs trot into view.

Meghan smiles as she reaches for her beagle, named Guy, saying, "Hi buddy! Come here." Shortly after, the couple's Labrador, Pula, emerges and lies at the duchess's feet as she checks her phone.

"Wants to be on camera!" Steinem quips, unperturbed by the visitors.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, with her two dogs.
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, with her two dogs.MAKERS

The rest of the conversation was much more serious. To start, Steinem tells Meghan, "I'm so glad that you're home," a reference to the royals' recent move to Southern California, where Meghan is from.

"Me, too, for so many reasons," Meghan answers. "People forget how hard women like you and so many others before you fought for us to just be where we are right now."

"If you don't vote, you don't exist," Steinem says. "It is the only place where we're all equal, the voting booth."

They also discussed young people and voting.

"I can understand the feeling that they don't think they have an impact, and yet it's more important for them to vote than anyone else because they're going to be alive long after I am," Steinem, 86, says.

"Today's a pretty great day," Meghan later adds.

One of the last glimpses the public got of Meghan and Harry's dogs was in January this year, when paparazzi shots captured her in Canada walking them with her son, Archie, in a baby carrier.

"I think it's really interesting, when you look at the coverage over the past year or so, never once did we see a candid shot of Meghan walking the dogs when they were living in Windsor,'' NBC News London correspondent Kelly Cobiella said on TODAY at the time. "Now we've not only seen Meghan walking the dogs, but Harry arriving at the airport, (and) Meghan taking off from the airport to one of her events last week, so things may have already changed."