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Meet the world's most stylish squirrel who lives at Penn State

Sneezy the Penn State Squirrel has been making a name for herself with her fashionable outfits and very cute Facebook photos.
/ Source: TODAY

Now here's a squirrel that people are going nuts about!

Meet Sneezy the Penn State Squirrel. She's actually four different squirrels, it just depends on the day. But she's probably the most stylish and actually quite cute squirrel around. Not to mention she's pretty popular. Sneezy, who's a eastern grey squirrel, has over 35,000 'likes' on her Facebook page.

She's been making a name for himself thanks to Maya Kruppa, otherwise known as the "campus squirrel whisperer," who dresses up the animals and takes photos of them to post on Facebook.

"I've been making friends with the campus squirrel population. I've also decided to make them tiny little paper hats for the little squirrelies to wear," said Krupa in a 2012 YouTube video. "First of all I'm a huge animal lover, so when I saw that the squirrels here are so friendly as to let you touch them, I figured hmm well if the squirrel lets me touch it then maybe I can put a little hat on it."

Krupa makes little outfits and goes out each day to find a friendly female squirrel that will let her dress it up and take pictures, she explained in the video. Regardless of the occasion, Krupa makes sure Sneezy has just the right attire.

"It happens all the time that you'll find a not-friendly squirrel and even the really friendly ones will really only tolerate me playing with them for so long and then whenever they are done, they will just like climb up the tree and basically just say, 'Okay I'm done.' I have to respect that and just let the animals really dictate what happens," said Krupa in the video.

Since 2012, Sneezy's been getting dressed in style. Three years later and Sneezy shows no signs of slowing down. Her fashion game is still on point.