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Meet Willie the Yorkie, the dog with the best hair on the internet

Need a boost of cute today? Meet Willamina, aka Williecute, a 5-year-old Yorkshire terrier whose long, flowing locks may actually make you envious.

The chic pup's owner, Laura, likes to dress her up in adorable tops and style her hair, and Willie seems to be a complete natural in front of the camera!

Bed head 🤗

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Baby I can see your halo 😍 #DontWorryBeyonce

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"People always tell us she’s 'really cute,' so that's where we came up with her Instagram name 'Williecute,'" Laura, who lives in San Diego, told BuzzFeed Español.

red hot willie pepper 🔥 @hutsandbay

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Not only is she completely photogenic (and capable of holding still while her her owner snaps the perfect shot), she's got over 20,000 Instagram followers who've helped make those photos go viral.

"I want to show everyone how much personality and sass is in this adorable little being," Laura added.


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And it seems that all the hair-raising attention hasn't made vain: Willie is happy to share the spotlight with her little doggy sister (who is alas a bit more hair-challenged), Shay!

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down 😆🤗 #thunderstormsupportgroup

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M🙃NDAZE #willieandshay

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You keep doing you, girlfriend! We can't wait to see what styles come up next.

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