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Meet Paddington, Australia's Instagram star dog with many personalities

Paddington is not your average dog. He's got a larger than life personality and he's putting it all out there for the camera and Instagram.
/ Source: TODAY

This Australian pup has arguably reached model status. Meet Paddington, the shar-pei from Tasmania, Australia, who is quite the cute poser on Instagram.

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Paddington’s wrinkly face is filled with expression and he clearly knows how to work all the angles of the camera. His Instagram account, anniepaddington, stands for his dog mom Annie and him, of course. While Annie doesn’t make any cameos in the pictures, his cat sisters occasionally do. However, it’s Paddington and his modeling skills that steal the show.

Practice makes perfect, right? This clearly seems to be the trick for Paddington. He’s definitely stepped up his posing game since his account started over two years ago.

Here's a look at Paddington’s first post:

Paddington now:

It's clear this dog has a mind of his own, and while he can't talk, he's certainly mastered the art form as a method of self-expression. Paddington seems to have a pose for all occasions.

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With an Instagram following of over 64,000, Paddington is pulling out all the stops. We compiled some of our favorites that are sure to make you smile.

Mondays are overrated.

Time to celebrate!

Mom, do I really have to read?

Looking sharp!

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Everyone needs some weekend wear

I "mustache" you a question.

How can you be mad at this face?

Folks, it's cold out there.

Say Cheese!

This ball is my best accessory.

Got some tricks up my sleeve.

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Trying out retirement.

Got to keep up those trends. Man bun, yay or nay?

Just having a smoke.

Is it Halloween yet?

Just dazed and confused.

Beach party!

I'll stick to the ruff life! No moos for me.

Rabbit rabbit!

I got big lips and I cannot lie.

When I grow up, I want to be a doctor.