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Meet Natalie Morales' new puppy at her home!

She says Obi, a spaniel-terrier mix, is "the most adorable, sweetest addition to our family."

Natalie Morales is over the moon about the new tiny creature in her life.

She and her family adopted Obi, a sweet spaniel-terrier mix, from Paw Works in January. She first saw Obi when he appeared on “Access Hollywood Live” during a Puppy Bowl segment, and she says there was an “instant connection” with the adorable pooch.

“Maybe it's the fact that he looks like a mini Zara, like my other rescue, and also just the way he came to me,” she said in a video interview with “I think he sort of picked me.”

Morales with her two dogs, Zara and Obi, at her home in California.
Morales with her two dogs, Zara and Obi, at her home in California.Katie Levingston

Natalie's son Luke named Obi, whom Morales calls “a masterful Jedi,” after Obi-Wan Kenobi from “Star Wars.” She says little Obi is fitting in nicely at her home with her family’s other rescue dog, Zara. Natalie adopted Zara about seven years ago from a segment on TODAY.

“I think Zara also realizes that our love just increases with one more dog,” she said. “It doesn't go away for her, so we just love a little bit more, and we make sure that she knows that she's still my number one. Every morning I give her a treat, and I say, ‘You're my number one, Zara.’”

Morales' son Luke shows off Obi at the bus stop.
Morales' son Luke shows off Obi at the bus stop.Courtesy Natalie Morales

Luke and Obi already have a wonderful, playful bond.

“Luke is just so proud to have his own dog that he shows him off at the bus stop, and, of course, Obi is like a movie star in Hollywood,” she said. “Forget Tom Cruise; there's Obi.”

Obi on the steps at Morales' home in Califorina.
Obi on the steps at Morales' home in Califorina.Katie Levingston

She says nothing measures up to a dog’s love.

“There is no one happier to see me when I walk through that door at the end of a long day than Zara. And now Obi … ” she said. “So get yourself a dog!”

Rescue is her favorite breed. She couldn’t help but tear up while describing Obi’s life story.

“His mommy was pregnant with five other pups, and she was at a kill shelter,” she said. “And she was going to be put to sleep. So without these great rescue shelters and all of the work that these people do to save these animals, I wouldn't have these great creatures in my life.”

Watch our video above to see Natalie, Obi and Zara play at home!