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Meet Loki, the world's cuddliest 'vampire' cat and Instagram sensation

There's a new cat on the scene and she's got the stuff of a true star — especially if you're casting for a cuddly horror movie.
/ Source: TODAY

In case you were worried that the Internet has run out of celebrity felines, fear not. There’s a new cat on the scene and she’s got the stuff of a true star — especially if you’re casting for a cuddly horror movie.

Meet Loki, the adorable “vampire” cat. She’s got jutting fangs, crazy blue eyes, and an angry expression that says “I vant to suck your blood!” And she’s possibly the cutest thing ever.

Her owner, Kaetlyn Koch in Portland, Maine, agrees. She rescued Loki two years ago from Chittenden County Humane Society. Koch was doing work with the organization at the time and stumbled across a picture of Loki, who was then named Angel.

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“At the time I had no interest in taking in a fuzzy companion,” Koch told TODAY. “But I had to meet her.”

The shelter had Loki stashed in a employee's office because the other shelter cats attacked her.

“I was brought to the office and they pulled open a desk drawer to reveal a very perturbed looking feline,” Koch said. “She was huddled all the way to the back and glared at me with those big blue eyes, and the girls explained to me that she was very shy, but occasionally showed affection to specific employees. They fed her a few treats and then allowed her to retreat back into the darkness of the desk.”

As her devilish scowl suggests, Loki was not super friendly at first, but Koch was so intrigued by her, she took her home the very next day.

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Realizing that the name “Angel” was no fit for a vampire cat, she settled on Loki, a character from a Norse legend.

Koch doesn’t know much about Loki’s past prior to her life at the shelter. When she adopted Loki, she was told that the cat was about 8 years old, making her roughly 10 or 11 now.

Around a year ago, Koch started an Instagram account for Loki, and Loki’s Internet Cat career took off.

“She's gotten a few reposts from big Instagram accounts like Cats Of Instagram that have given her a good amount of attention,” said Koch.

She even has her first piece of fan art.

In addition to Loki’s unusual mouth — which sports not only fangs, but also a slightly protruding tongue — Loki also has one eye that never fully closes. That’s right, the vampire cat literally sleeps with one eye open.

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“[Her eye] is healthy and has vision,” Koch said, adding that why it doesn’t close remains a mystery, along with just about everything else concerning Loki’s strange and precious face.

Since settling in at home with Koch, Loki has warmed up tremendously.

Koch said, “She's the most loving and snuggly cat I've ever had."