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Meet Huck the Roof Dog, the dog who likes to hang out on his roof

The internet's newest favorite pooch is Huck the Roof Dog, the golden retriever who loves hanging out on the roof of his house.
/ Source: TODAY

Wow, that's one mighty big bird up on the roof! Wait, that doesn't look like a bird. Is that...a dog?!

That's pretty much how we imagine every conversation unfolds when a car drives past the Lindenmuth house in Austin, Texas.

That's because their roof the preferred hangout spot for their golden retriever, Huckleberry.

And the habit's made him an local celebrity and social media star, with thousands of followers on Instagram.

Allie and Justin Lindenmuth moved into the home five years ago and noticed a three foot clearance between a hill in the backyard and the roof.

They figured it was just a matter of time before their clever pup scrambled onto the roof.

"It is a very easy jump for a 70-pound dog," Allie Lindenmuth told TODAY via email. "There is very little we can do to keep him off the roof."

The playful pooch has gotten quite the reputation for guarding the Lindenmuth home from above.

In fact, so many people have stopped by to warn the family their pup was in danger, they were forced to post a sign on their front door.

"We appreciate your concern but please do not knock on our door...We know he's up there!" it says.

He's also earned over 25,000 followers on Instagram, where he's known simply as "HuckTheRoofDog."

While it might seem scary to let a dog hang out on the roof, the Lindenmuths do everything they can to keep him safe up there.

Huck the roof dog
The Lindenmuths join Huck up on the roof!Courtesy of Allie Lindenmuth

"Huck is only allowed outside when we are home and when the weather is nice," Lindenmuth told TODAY. "(He's) like one of our children and we want to keep him as safe as possible."

And what does he do up on the roof all day?

"He just sits there and watches the passerby," Lindenmuth said. "He loves it up there."