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Mayim Bialik shares why she loves raising her sons with cats

Mayim Bialik talks about how she hopes her sons will bond with her three cats, and how her pets have helped her through major life changes in this episode of “My Pet Tale.”

Mayim Bialik has three rescue cats (Addie, Frances and Nermal) who have seen her through enormous life changes — both happy and sad.

“My cats saw me through a divorce. They saw me through the loss of my father. My cats know when I cry. And they comfort me. They come over and they snuggle with me special when they hear me sad.”

They were there when her son was born, too.

“My second son was born at home with cats watching. They've seen it all. My cats really have the secrets of my soul. And I hope my boys feel that way, too. That they can have that kind of relationship with our cats as they continue to get older.”

Bialik has loved having her sons grow up with cats.

"While dogs are lovely, I love my sons being raised with cats because you have to learn a lot of boundaries with cats. They want you until they don't. And sometimes humans are like that, too. So you gotta learn a lot of lessons. Also, they're very cute.”

Lately, she’s gotten to know her cats even more in quarantine.

“You don't really know a cat until you spend all day, every day with them for four months. I'm learning new things. They literally sleep all day. I thought that was just like a thing that people said … they literally sleep all day.”

She has partnered with Royal Canin for “Take Your Cat to The Vet Day” on Aug. 22 to raise awareness about the importance of preventive veterinary care for cats.

“Just like we care for yourselves preventatively, our children — our furry children — also need to go to the vet,” she said.

Actress Mayim Bialik, pictured with her cat Addie, joined Royal Canin's Take Your Cat to the Vet campaign to remind cat owners about the importance of regular vet check-ups.Joey Andrew/

She knows how stressful it can be to take a cat to a vet.

“I have a 12-year-old cat who hates going in a carrier or being touched at all. But it's super important…”

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