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Match, set, tweet! Andy Murray's dog is owning Twitter

Well, this is adorable! Tennis star Andy Murray's dog, Maggie May, has her own Twitter account. Check out some of her best Tweets.
/ Source: TODAY

Meet one of the most popular (and witty!) dogs on the Internet. With nearly 28,000 Twitter followers, Maggie May is reaching celebrity status, but that may be credited to her owner, tennis superstar Andy Murray who's currently competing in the semifinals at Wimbledon.

While Maggie May has recently picked up steam, the pup is actually quite the early adopter, joining the social media platform since 2010. After nearly a year hiatus, she's been ramping up her presence over the last few months.

Just like any avid Tweeter, Maggie May isn't skimping out on the selfies.

And it seems like this pup has got quite the personality. She's got us laughing!

Maggie May has some stamps in that doggy passport too. She's quick to let everyone know about her jet-setting habits.

Like her father, she's also quite the winner.

Maggie May is all for digging up the dirt ... and blackmailing her brother Rusty.

Without a doubt, Maggie May loves the luxuries of life.

And sometimes, she even has to clean up dad's messes.

We don't know exactly who is behind Maggie May's account, but our best guess is it's either Murray or his wife Kim unleashing this pup's playful personality to the world. Either way, we hope she keeps tweeting up a storm!