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Massive snake slithers out of ladies' room toilet in Australia, becomes your next nightmare

There are a lot of really good reasons to look before you sit when visiting a public restroom, but we've got one you've probably never even considered.
/ Source: TODAY

There are a lot of really — really — good reasons to look before you sit when visiting a public restroom. But park rangers at Australia's Charles Darwin National Park came up with one we've never even considered before.

There might just be an enormous snake in the toilet.

Yes, that's the scene that greeted rangers during a routine cleaning stop at a ladies' room in the park — a toilet overflowing with a 10 to 13-foot-long olive python.

"It took a little bit of persuasion to encourage it to vacate the cubicle," according to a very calm and collected post on the Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife Facebook page.

And it's was a hands-on sort of persuasion.

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While non-venomous, the olive python is the second-largest snake species in Australia and it enjoys a diet that includes mammals — but not human-sized ones.

The post continued, "Thankfully it was discovered by rangers and not some poor unsuspecting visitor — who may have had an encounter of their lifetime!"

May have had?

Would have had. Definitely.

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