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Man rescues and releases abandoned baby deer in sweet video

If you need a good "aw" to start your week off right, we've got one for you!
/ Source: TODAY

If you need a good "aw" to start your week off right, we've got one for you!

It comes courtesy of a man who couldn't just sit by and watch a tiny speckled fawn with an injured leg be abandoned by its mother without taking action.

Two deer were born in the man's backyard earlier this year, but it was clear something was wrong as one of the babies stumbled around.

"With the injured leg, the baby fawn couldn't keep up with her brother and mom," YouTube user honeysada wrote in a caption in one of his videos.

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So when the fawn was inevitably left behind and vulnerable to predators, the man who'd watched it all unfold came to the rescue and brought her in to join the cats and dogs in his home.

In fact, one of the dogs even helped rehabilitate the fawn.

Good thing, too, as the small deer was no small responsibility. She had to be bottle fed every four hours and required a custom leg brace (made from an old oatmeal box) to get around.

As fawn grew bigger and stronger, she grew reluctant to leave her new family.

"She likes me," the rescuer said as he prepared to release her. "She follows me everywhere, but nobody replaces the real mom."

So cute! Baby deer rescue
So cute! Baby deer rescueAnderson, David (206459646) / YouTube/HoneySada

So he made sure they were reunited.

Honeysada posted his first clip of the rescued fawn almost a month ago, and now that the video has gone viral with over 1 million views, he's added an important update in the notes that accompany the clip.

"The doe and two her fawns [are] still around," he wrote. "We['ve] seen them through the summer and the autumn."

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