Man and dog recreate romantic movie scenes

Chris Naka and Wrigley the dog recreate a famous scene from the movie "The Graduate."
Courtesy Chris Naka / AP

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By Laura T. Coffey
Naka did an impressive hand-stand to re-create this "Spiderman" pooch smooch.Today

Some people really love movies. Some people really love dogs. But Chris Naka? He’s bonkers for both.

As evidence, consider what just might be the strangest (and funniest!) series of photos ever conceived. In the images, Naka recreates iconic scenes from “Titanic,” “The Graduate,” “Top Gun” and other films with the help of an accommodating 13-year-old dog named Wrigley.

Naka, 30, told that the project got started thanks to the creativity of his co-workers at Blue Man Group in Chicago.

Yeah, you! Naka and Wrigley do their best "Sixteen Candles."Today

“The theater company is an amazing place to work,” Naka said. “We started taking the photos during the last five minutes of our lunch and it just took off from there. Someone printed a bunch of our early pictures, posted them in the green room, and folks from all over the theater started sending emails with movie suggestions.”

Remember this scene from "Titanic"? So do Chris Naka and Wrigley the dog.Today

Interest intensified when Naka posted the photos on Reddit on Dec. 27. Some wondered: What’s with all the romantic movie scenes?

Wrigley is such a good sport. Here, the dog helps Chris Naka recreate a scene from "Brokeback Mountain."Today

“There really isn’t a great reason for choosing romance movies,” Naka said. “Once we started with ‘Titanic’ it just made sense to continue the trend. Really though, the romance photos were so hilarious and kind of bizarre. We just planned to keep going until we ran out of ideas.”

See hilariously weird images of memorable movie moments featuring a creative Chicago man and an accommodating pooch.

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