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Mako shark makes terrifying leap at fishermen

Sharks are known to do some terrifyingly amazing things. But how high can they jump?
/ Source: TODAY

Sharks are known to do some terrifyingly amazing things, like swim at blazing speeds and smell blood in the water from miles away.

But how high can they jump? Well, pretty high, as Australian fisherman Jake Beazley recently learned firsthand.

As Mashable reported, Beazley, 19, and some friends were fishing off the coast of Perth, Australia, Thursday when they encountered a fearsome friend: a shortfin mako shark.

After filming the big fish for a few minutes, Beazley and his buddies got spooked when the shark started biting the boat's motor.

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The crew decided to split, but as they were sailing away, the shark appeared to bid them a ferocious farewell by leaping high into the air, causing a big splash.

That wasn't all; the predator also made off with a nice-looking fish they'd hooked.

Still, Beazley, who is a student, said it was exciting to come nearly nose to nose with a shark like that.

"I only ever hear stories or see videos (of shark encounters) ... and to see it in person and capture it on camera was amazing," he told TODAY in a Facebook message. "We were all stoked but knew that it was safer for us and the shark if we headed off.”