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Lucky dog! 'Growing Up Fisher' cast and crew adopt yellow lab

"Growing Up Fisher" star Jenna Elfman cuddles with 8-week-old Guf.

Those behind the TV show “Growing Up Fisher” may have a spin-off series one day: “Growing Up Guf.”

The cast and crew of the NBC comedy recently adopted an 8-week-old Labrador retriever named Guf who will one day be a guide dog for the visually impaired. The pooch will be cared for by a "puppy raiser" until he reaches 18 months old, at which time he will be trained to become a guide dog.

The adoption hits a personal note for "Growing Up Fisher," which is about a family whose father is blind. The show was originally inspired by executive producer DJ Nash, whose father is visually impaired. The cast and crew thought the adoption would be a fitting way to show their appreciation to Nash and his family for sharing their story.

For Nash, he understands from firsthand experience the impact Guf could have as a guide dog.

“Getting a guide dog didn’t just change Dad’s life,” Nash said in a statement. “It changed our family’s life.”