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Baaaaa humbug! Sheep gets lost wearing Christmas sweater

The Nebraska Humane Society received an unusual call over the weekend about a lost sheep roaming around a residential neighborhood.

“It was a first for us. Not the first sheep, but one in a Christmas sweater,” said Pam Wiese, a spokeswoman for the Omaha shelter.

A resident called animal control on Sunday after finding the sheep, sporting a red and green sweater, on his front lawn. The furry friend was taken that evening to the Nebraska Humane Society, which posted a picture of the sheep on its Facebook site two days later.

“If you’re missing a sheep that enjoys wearing Christmas sweaters he’s here at NHS," the caption read. "He’s not currently available for adoption, but we’ll let people know when he’ll be available.”

A friend of the sheep’s owner saw the post and contacted Margaret Vazquez, who had been worried sick about her family pet, Gage. 

“She was quite excited that he had been located,” Wiese said. “Somehow, he got out (Sunday night) and when she went to go feed him on Monday, realized he wasn’t there.”

Vazquez told WOWT, the NBC affiliate in Omaha, that she even feared someone would try to eat Gage.

“It’s like losing my kid. I was all scared, and I didn’t know what to do,” she said. 

And those worried about the attire Gage was wearing, the Nebraska Humane Society has put those concerns to rest: 



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