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By Chris Serico

When word spread Thursday that two llamas were on the run in Sun City, Arizona, Twitter immediately immersed itself in the llama drama.

Llamas Go on the Run

Feb. 26, 201501:02

Despite running in and out of traffic, the two animals were eventually corralled via lasso without apparent injury to man or beast — but on social media, no puns were safe. (But we'll spare you all the references to "Lorenzo Llamas.")

There were puns had by all:

Early in the chase, comedian Sam Grittner couldn't wait for a movie adaptation.

Actor and "Venture Brothers" voice-over artist James Urbaniak must have had Kanye West on his mind.

Yahoo Tech editor Jason Gilbert noted that even the television producers were embracing the puns.

There were some pointed observations:

Jezebel's managing editor, Erin Gloria Ryan, offered a conspiracy theory.

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Brett Anderson turned into a TV critic.

Writer-comedian Anne T. Donahue might never look at her house pets the same way again.

RiffTrax producer Sean Thomason, who also contributes to "Saturday Night Live's" Weekend Update, went meta.

"30 Rock" writer Tom Ceraulo had the audacity to be conversational while the whole thing was going down.

'SNL' tried to assign the blame to the beloved Melissa McCarthy.

Comedian Billy Eichner envisioned Anne Hathaway's thoughts on the llamas.

And of course, some eyes were on the future:

BuzzFeed senior editor Louis Peitzman was already dreading October.

Bloomberg editor Josh Petri has a more political prediction.

And some were able to completely summarize the day:

Twitter user @Playing_Dad summed up the day's events with a play on words.

Writer Gloria Fallon — yes, Jimmy's sister — basically called me out in advance for writing this up.

I can read this, Gloria!

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This article was originally published Feb. 26, 2015 at 6:25 p.m. ET.