A little higher! Watch this lemur demand a back scratch from 2 kids

/ Source: TODAY

It's the worst kind of itch — the one just out of reach — and apparently, it frustrates those in the animal kingdom, too.

In a YouTube video posted Tuesday, one lemur really captures that feeling when you have an itch... right. there.

At the start of the video, two young boys scratch the back of a surprisingly still lemur crouched down on the ground.

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When they pause to give their little fingers a rest, the animal turns its head toward the kids, lifts its right arm and taps its furry back — gesturing for the boys to keep rubbing the spot.

But one more round of scratching isn't enough for the greedy lemur, as the creature continues to furiously pat its back each time the kids pull their hands away.

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It's hard to tolerate bossy humans ... but bossy lemurs? That, we can handle.