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By Amy Eley

Get ready to go for a ride!

In her new book "Dogs in Cars," photographer Lara Jo Regan shares images of pooches in their favorite spot — hanging out the car window. 


"The photographic series is my attempt to capture and transmit the pure joy of a dog in its most heightened state," Regan wrote in the book which is filled with canines — half of which are rescues — as they cruise down the road. 

The California-based photographer said that with the help of a specially-designed harness, she literally hung out the windows of moving cars to capture the shots — with each image taking 20 minutes to one hour to capture. 


Care to take photographs of your four-legged pal? While Regan advises dog owners to not snap photos while casually hanging out of a car window, she did stop Studio 1A on Friday to share a few tips on how you can get your own great doggy pics around the house and in the great outdoors. 

Don't forget the scene. Regan suggests trying to photograph your dog in everyday situations to create the most normal and personality-driven image. 

Aim to photograph at the end of the day. Lighting is an important factor when it comes to photography. The light at the end of the day is ideal for photographing any subject.

Lift your dog off the ground. To help your dog stay in one spot, consider elevating him or her off the ground by placing the dog on a chair, bed or other safe spot. 

Get cozy. To capture your dog’s expressions, don’t be afraid to come in close with your camera and snap away! 


Dogs in Cars

See man's best friends in their favorite spot — hanging out the car window — in Lara Jo Regan's book "Dogs in Cars."