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LA hippo on birth control surprises staff with newborn

Los Angeles Zoo guests were given an extra treat on Halloween.

One of the zoo's hippopotamuses, Mara, gave birth to a baby on Friday afternoon in her exhibit. While the news of any newborn is exciting, Mara's birth was especially so, as the 10-year-old hippo was on birth control. 

Mara and her newborn relax in their enclosure on Saturday.

"Animal care staff had a hunch a birth was imminent due to Mara's symptoms, such as weight gain," reads a press release from the zoo. "But they had limited testing options to confirm their suspicion." 

Sure enough, their suspicions proved to be correct with the arrival of the newborn — the first hippo calf the zoo has had in 26 years. 


The zoo has not yet confirmed the sex of the baby, but guests can already check the little one out in the exhibit.