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Kitten and pup show you how to check for skin cancer — and it's adorable

/ Source: TODAY

Just your typical YouTube video featuring a kitten and a dog playing together while tumbling around in adorable fashion. Cute, right?

Totally. Also, the clip is potentially life-saving.

Because May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, skincare company La-Roche Posay released a new #SkinChecker campaign to remind everyone to check their body for signs of the deadly disease.

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In the 52-second clip, a tiny kitten scans her (laughably larger) dog friend for sun spots and other tell-tale signs of cancer.

As subtitles explain the areas that we humans should check, the feline climbs over the dog's back, checks his scalp and ears, looks carefully at his toes and finally inspects "his buttocks."

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All of these things could be hinted at in a human-centric commercial with "people" actors, but of course some areas (the glutes, for instance) would be difficult to portray — and, well, a whole lot less cute.

And since even just 10 minutes of skin-scanning can lead to the detection of a cancer, this is one case where cuteness will seriously come in handy.