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Kitten makes daring escape to find true love — with a puppy in a pet store

This determined kitten will do anything to get some puppy love!
/ Source: TODAY

Perhaps no one has captured the tragedy of star-crossed lovers better than William Shakespeare in “Romeo and Juliet.” But what would the Bard of Avon make of two households, both alike in…furriness?

In a video uploaded to Facebook on Sunday, one determined kitten will stop at nothing to get to its true love, an equally adorable puppy!

The clip, shared by JoLinn Pet House in Taipei, Taiwan, has already accumulated more than 2 million views and nearly 33,000 shares.

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The kitten, though only a tiny ball of fluff, climbs over a large store display in what appears, at first, to be a bid for freedom. But the acrobatic feline shifts course and heads toward its true goal: a not-so-secret meeting next door. The puppy can't contain its excitement while watching the daring escape!

When the kitten (finally) gets to the other display, lots of sniffing, snuggling and tail wagging ensues. It's a true fairy-tale ending!

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