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Just try to stay awake watching this sleepy kitten

Oh, Oscar, we’ve been there.

You know, that moment when you’re oh-so-sleepy, but fighting it with every fiber — or, in Oscar the kitten’s case, totally adorable fur — of your being to stay awake … just a few…seconds…longer…

Yeah, that tends to happen to us daily, too, although we doubt our co-workers find our head nods quite as “awwww”-inspiring as this kitty's.

“He is a sweet little guy,” Lindsey Houston, of Scotland, Oscar’s owner, tells “At the time we'd only had him home from the farm a matter of days and he was so cuddly. He was used to having lots of brothers, sisters and cousins around him, as three of the farm cats had kittens at the same time. I guess he just loved to be near us and still does!”

At any rate, grab another cup of coffee, sit back and consider this your afternoon pick-me-up of cuteness.

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