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Joe Jonas explains how he adopted his dogs with fiancee Sophie Turner

In the ninth episode of "My Pet Tale," Jonas talks about Porky and Waldo, his two Alaskan Klee Kai pups with fiancee Sophie Turner.

Joe Jonas is thoroughly enjoying life with Porky and Waldo, his two Alaskan Klee Kai pups. Porky was a surprise gift for his fiancee, Sophie Turner … although Porky’s name stemmed from a miscommunication.

“We got Porky and it was kind of a mistake because the name came from her wanting a Pomsky. And I misheard what she said, so I thought she was saying that's the name of the dog she wanted," he said.

In the ninth episode of "My Pet Tale," Jonas describes what life is like with his well-traveled dogs. He says he and Turner take them all over the world.

“Actually, the first week I got Porky, we flew to Alaska for a show, by coincidence,” he said. “So he was back in the homeland.”

When he’s back home, Jonas says it’s nice to have them around.

“I'm usually on the move quite a bit, even when I'm home, I wanna be doing a lot of stuff,” he said. “But, it's nice when you have a dog where you know you gotta take 'em for a walk, you gotta spend some time and play with 'em, and it keeps you nice and relaxed.”

The rest of the Jonas family adores Porky and Waldo, too. His brothers often come over to hang out with the dogs.

“I think I knew they were definitely part of the family when my parents met them, and my mom's buying them gifts and treats and hoping that she can babysit while I travel.”

This holiday season, Jonas is excited to partner with JCPenney for a holiday giving spree program that will give $100 shopping sprees to over 1,200 underserved kids nationwide.

“I did this a while back with them, and it was a lot of fun,” he said. “So to be here again, to help kick it off, is a dream.”

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