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Sweet pawlitics! Joe Biden the human meets Joe Biden the puppy

It was a stunningly bi-pawtisan moment on Capitol Hill.

Joe Biden, the former vice president, was in Washington this week to celebrate the seventh anniversary of the Affordable Care Act — the health care law commonly known as Obamacare.


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He and other Democrats rallied in support of the law, even as Republicans aimed at its repeal.

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But someone at this rally was more interested in kisses than health care policy: a puppy also named Joe Biden, who's said to have waited patiently for four hours to meet his namesake.

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Joe Biden the puppy's human identified herself to BuzzFeed as a Republican congressional staffer named Sydney.

Sydney told the website she'd named her pooch after the other party's last veep "because he is probably my favorite politician and favorite elected official," even though "I don’t necessarily align with him politically."

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Sydney said that Biden the elected official spotted Biden the puppy in the crowd while he was speaking on the Capitol steps.

He "gave me a wink to come over," she said — and then he learned the puppy's name.

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"As soon as I told him his name was Biden, he started kissing the dog," Sydney told BuzzFeed, "which is like exactly what I expected Biden would do."

For that brief lovely moment, politics was put aside in favor of pawlitics.

You can follow Biden the puppy's adventures in politics on Instagram.