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Jessica Chastain thanks fans for help in locating grandmother's stolen dog

Within 48 hours of posting to Instagram that her grandmother's dog had been stolen from a local McDonald's, Jessica Chastain was thrilled to report the pair had been reunited.

On Thursday, Chastain asked fans to help locate Livvy, who went missing after a trip to the popular fast food restaurant in Vallejo, California.

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Over the weekend, the Oscar-nominated star was singing a much different tune, thanking followers for their help in bringing the pair back together, with a photo that has since garnered over 9,000 likes.

Her grandmother, Marilyn Herst, who goes by @motorcyclegramma on Instagram, shared her gratitude toward those who assisted them throughout the process.

Gratitude and love to all#Livvy#home#safe#blessings

A post shared by Marilyn Herst (@motorcyclegramma) on

Chastain was also excited to be spending time with her pup this weekend, posting an adorable video of the two venturing out into the blizzard together.

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I got trapped in a blizzard with the ones I love #snow #blizzard #chaplin @preposulo

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We were happy to see Livvy returned to Herst, and hope that she'll steer clear of dog thieves on any future trips to that McDonald's.