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Jeremy Renner offers $5,000 reward for his missing dog


Jeremy Renner’s French bulldog has gone missing in the mean streets of Los Angeles — and he’s asking the public for help finding his beloved pet.

Renner's adorable one-and-a-half-year-old dog Hemi flew the coop on July 19, after a power failure caused the front grate of the actor's home near Runyon Canyon to slide open.

With the help of local pet search organization Ninja Dog Concepts, Renner set up a Facebook account for his missing pooch, as well as shareable flyers and daily updates on the hunt for Hemi. On July 24, the reward for bringing him home was $2,000, but Renner has since upped his offer to a cool $5,000 for whoever locates the dog — “no questions asked.”

Allen Berezovsky / Today
Jeremy Renner, whose dog has gone missing, poses at an event in Los Angeles on June 6.

Hemi might be limping around town, since according to the online flyer he has a bit of a hip problem and needs daily medication for his condition. Described as “very friendly,” the celeb pooch does have a collar but is without a tag or microchip implant.

Hemi’s Facebook followers have not limited their efforts to the digital world. Some have volunteered more old-fashioned efforts by printing flyers and hanging them up around Los Angeles.

“We just had a follower offer to print a few of these off and take them with her to the Dodger game tonight and pass them out to people around her!” a post on Hemi’s page reads. “Anyone else going? Feel up for doing the same?”

Of course, Renner has been busy with his own efforts trying to track down his dog. According to the page, he and his family have put up flyers, listed the dog's disappearance on Craigslist, and are checking shelters regularly.

According to his Facebook page, Hemi had an MRI about 6 or 7 weeks ago, and the back of his neck was shaved for the procedure.

This isn’t the only time tragedy has struck Renner’s four-legged family. His other French bulldog, Franklin, died in March 2012 from overheating at a Little League baseball game, according to E! News.