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Jennifer Lopez surprises son with puppy — and wants help picking a name

Max, 12, and the still-unnamed goldendoodle pup seem to be fast friends.

Jennifer Lopez's family has a new four-legged friend!

The pop star revealed on Instagram that she adopted a new puppy for her son, Maximilian David Muñiz.

"Welcome to the fam," wrote Lopez, 50. "We got Max this adorable lil golden doodle and we haven't named him yet!"

In the caption, Lopez said that the family was deciding between Tyson or Yankee for the pup's name and promised that "All will be revealed soon!"

In the adorable video, Max and the new puppy seem to be fast friends.

"This is the best day!" Max can be heard saying while playing with the pup. "I love him! I love him!"

Max's twin sister, Emme, quickly joins the duo as Max tries to figure out if the puppy got a little too excited.

"Did he just pee on me?" the 12-year-old can be heard asking. "I think he peed on me."

In the video, Max also debates names for the dog, suggesting "Mike" as a possible contender.

Even without a name, the puppy already has its own Instagram account, @tbdpupofficial, which already has thousands of followers. The account reposted the video of Max along with some new photos.

One picture shows Alex Rodriguez, 44, holding up the newest family member.

"Can't wait for this dude to teach me how to play!" reads the caption.

In another photo with Max, the dog "says" that he and his dad are "already the best of buddies."

A photo with Emme reveals that she's the best aunt a dog could ask for.

Finally, a photo with Lopez, Rodriguez, Emme, Max and their other dog, Lady, shows that the new puppy is already getting along great with the family!

Rodriguez shared the photo on his own Instagram account, asking fans to help decide on a name.

"We are having a family debate and would love your help!" wrote the former baseball star, calling himself the pup's "granddad" in a hashtag. "It's between these two names: Tyson or Yankee Doodle? Let us know what you think!"