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It's International Cat Day! Celebrate your feline friends with these 13 videos

We rounded up some of our favorite feline videos just in time for International Cat Day.
/ Source: TODAY

Kitty ki-yay! Folks, it's International Cat Day!

If you're looking for a celebration to commemorate this purr-fect day of all things cats, you've come to the right place.

Forget cleaning the litter box and skip the daily cat nap because we rounded up some of our favorite moments from our feline friends. From adorable kitties to good ol' scaredy cats, grab the catnip and take a look below.

1. See the abandoned puppy who was 'adopted' by a cat!

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2. Watch this fraidy cat get freaked out by a cucumber

3. Watch these dogs and cat snuggle up for their nap

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4. This salon can make your cat look like a dinosaur

5. No ‘fraidy-cats’ here! Watch house cat scare away a black bear

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6. Adorable kitten rescued from manhole

7. Is this cat going up or down the stairs?

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8. See students console teacher on loss of her cat with 2 new kittens

9. #Trumpyourcat meme: Cats across the Web get Trump’s signature ‘do

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10. Hero cat honored – with hero dog award – for saving boy

11. Sailor and his cat rescued by the Coast Guard in dramatic video

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12. This cat does not like DVD players

13. Cat gives owner human like hug

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