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It doesn't get much cuter than this 'puppy/teddy bear hybrid'

/ Source: TODAY

You mean to tell us there's a dog that looks like a teddy bear, but has the fluffy coat and four-legged gait of a few-month-old pup? And it's not just in our dreams?

That's what Imgur user whycanttheenglishlearntospeak tells us. And while we can't confirm that this pup is actually part teddy bear (in fact, we can probably only confirm that that's not the case), we have to agree that its droopy ears, round face, adorable eyes, and seriously fluffy, greyish-brown coat look a heck of a lot like a teddy.

And unlike his look-alike from the movie Ted, this walking, talking teddy isn't about to swear at us.

(...We hope.)

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