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Husky comes face-to-face with an inflatable cat and loses its mind

One husky came face-to-face with an inflatable cat and became so flabbergasted that he caused a public scene.
/ Source: TODAY

Every dog has his day — but this wasn't it for this Siberian husky.

In a hilarious video that has amassed more than 7,000 views since it was posted to YouTube last week, a woman is seen taunting the burly dog with a small, blow-up feline in what appears to be a European street corner.

The husky becomes so intrigued and flabbergasted with the cat that it proceeds to cause a scene.

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As she swiftly puppeteers the toy cat around, the curious pup decides to closely follow and inspect it, but makes sure to keep his guard up and stand firm in his ground - ready to attack the ferocious monster at any moment.

Throughout the exchange, a barrage of defensive howls ensue as the canine grows more exasperated with such a foreign object, wildly entertaining the crowd of bystanders lucky enough to bear witness to such an epic, nail-biting face-off.

YouTube: wavrec

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Unfortunately, it eventually grows too tired of the balloon's intimidation tactics and returns to his owner, where it humbly accepts his ruff defeat.

You'll get 'em next time, sport.

Husky meets with an inflatable catYouTube: wavrec