This hunky firefighter rescuing adorable kittens will melt your heart

/ Source: TODAY

A New York City firefighter made a rather unusual rescue over the weekend — and there's a heartwarming picture to prove it!

On Sunday, a group of young kittens were saved from a two-alarm fire in the Bronx. Shortly after, the fire department shared the photo of the rescue to their Facebook page, along with a quote from the firefighter, Vincent Martinelli.

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"It was smoky in the apartment, and I heard noise coming from the bay of the floorboards," the caption read. "It was the kittens, they were crying. I found one, and then the others. They are so young. I’m glad we were able to get them out of there."

The sweet image of Martinelli holding the kittens received thousands of likes not long after being posted and has been shared over 2,500 times on the social media site.

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"There's nothing like a cute, strong firefighter holding a couple of tiny kitties he saved from a fire to make a lady's heart go pitty pat," wrote one Facebook user.

TODAY reached out for additional comment, but Martinelli declined further interview.